Price List for the Kulturhaus and the Museum

Hire charges for the Kulturhaus and Stadtmuseum

Room Rates

(per hour of use or part thereof, including event management and cleaning)


Rate: 75.00 € / includes use of small, multi-purpose room, first floor foyer and ground floor foyer

First Floor Foyer

Rate: 45.00 €

Vaulted Cellar

Rate: 45.00 €

Small Multi-purpose Room

Rate: 45.00 €

Technical Facilities

CD player, microphone, digital projector / DVD / video, projection screen
Prices available on request


Buffet, Sunday brunch or multi-course menu – we will be happy to accommodate your wishes. Please ask us for an individual quote for catering and decoration fees.


Grand piano, lectern, display panels, flip chart
Prices available on request


Museum entry during your function or event 2.50 € per person, max. charge 50.00 €
Guided tour for groups of up to 20 people 40.00 €

With the exception of the museum entry fee, all prices quoted above are exclusive of Value Added Tax, which will be charged at the rate of 19%.