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The World of the Minorite Monastery
Discover Oberwesel’s most unusual neighbourhood

The former Minorite monastery at Oberwesel is a cultural and historical treasure. Founded almost 800 years ago, destroyed by fire in the 19th century and then overbuilt with houses, it reveals the fingerprints of history in a fresh and vibrant way. On a guided tour visitors have the opportunity to discover this fascinating site, most of which is privately owned. The visit begins with a glass of Oberwesel wine in the former refectory where the history of the monastery is brought to life in a unique, room-filling multimedia experience. Projected onto the rough-hewn stone walls, the visualisation has a slightly surreal feel, enveloping the visitors on all sides. This interesting and entertaining tour also includes the cloister, sacristy and monastery garden and is illustrated with a variety of anecdotes and stories. After dark, visitors have the added thrill of seeing the ruined monastery church illuminated with coloured lights. Enhanced by atmospheric music, the scene is truly mystical – pure Rheinromantik!

Public tours take place each month during the season. Groups can also arrange individual dates. For groups of maximum 30 people Package includes: guided tour of the former Minorite monastery, multimedia experience in the refectory, exhibition in the cloister, 1 glass of wine per person, after dark additional illumination of the ruined church.

Duration: approx. 1½ hours
Price: 160.00€

How to reach the Minorite monastery:
Access to the monastery site from the Oberstrasse and the road “Im Kloster”. Please be aware that there is no parking in this area and that the Minorite monastery cannot be reached by car. You’ll find parking facilities on the Rhine riverbank between the B9 road and the railway line. From there it’s only a short walk to the monastery.

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