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Multimedia Experience
„The World of the Minorite Monastery“

A Fascinating Multimedia Experience „The World of the Minorite Monastery“

Enter the world of Francis of Assisi and his fellow believers. This dramatic, room-filling visualisation in the old refectory of Oberwesel’s Franciscan Minorites takes you right to the centre of things. Full-wall projections illustrate the life and thinking of Saint Francis. You’ll discover how the Franciscan order spread throughout the world. The production’s central theme is the founding of the Oberwesel monastery and its eventful history. The powerful images are projected straight onto the bare, centuries-old walls of rough-hewn slate. They explain the Franciscan ideals and let you witness a virtual “reconstruction” of the monastery. The production is embedded in an atmospheric mix of medieval chants and music. Quotations from works by the order’s founder complete this mystical experience.

The multimedia experience “The World of the Minorite Monastery” is currently only available in German.