Museum 2

Museum on the Rhine

2000 years of history in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The atmosphere of a 19th century upper-class house provides a stylish setting in which you can explore the chequered history of a small town on a great river. On four storeys of lovingly restored rooms in this former winery, visitors can experience an interesting and fascinating presentation of life on the Rhine. Many themes from Oberwesel’s past also serve to illustrate the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Upper Middle Rhine Valley’. Rare finds from pre and early history, the town’s heyday in the Middle Ages, the euphoric era of Rhine Romanticism, the hard lives of the boatmen’s families and much more besides are all brought to life here. Film exhibits and a virtual tour of the town make history an authentic experience.

One of the museum’s special attractions is the room known as the “Blue Parlour” with its valuable original furnishings dating from 1868. It recalls the history of the Hoffmann family who built this house and who owned one of the largest wine estates on the Middle Rhine.